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To bring to market a line of high-quality, commercial grade LED lightbulbs.


Now considered the world leader in solid-state lighting technology for miner’s cap-lights, MSI has provided hundreds of thousands of LED mine lighting products to the gold and platinum mines throughout the world. These MSi lights are the solution for the thousands of miners who daily would find themselves two miles underground in dark, harsh conditions with heavy batteries attached to super-hot halogen lights inches from their heads.
Today, these miners sport a brighter, clearer, longer-lasting LED cap light that gives off virtually no heat and stays lit for an entire 12-hour shift – and then some.
Leveraging its LED expertise, and in collaboration with the leading optic developers and LED manufacturers globally, MSI has proven this same LED technology with retail accent spot and flood lighting. It’s the company’s niche, as is the next generation of retail lighting—the amazing iPAR-38 intelligent LED replacement bulb and the Trio Trac™ LED track light fixture.